Welcome to Kyiv!!

Welcome to Kyiv – a beautiful city with a fascinating history and a remarkable spirit that is loved by locals and visitors alike even under current circumstances.

The nature of Kyiv’s expatriate community has changed since the start of the Russian aggression, but there are still many foreigners living in the city long-term and IWCK is here for them.

The club was created over thirty years ago to bring together expatriate women for the aim of charitable, cultural, and social activities. IWCK has welcomed members of all genders since 2016.
We are here to support newcomers to Kyiv.
At this time, we are focusing our efforts on charity while maintaining the social and cultural aspects of the IWCK tradition. 

IWCK also acts as a channel through which people overseas who have a connection with Kyiv can stay informed about the situation here.

If you have any questions, please contact: