General Meetings

IWCK has a General Meeting once a month (offline when possible and online if necessary) for all members. In our GMs we improve our knowledge and understanding of Ukraine, discuss our charitable work for those in need, and we get to know and support each other in a social context.  You can sign up for membership and meet our Steering Committee, our current members, and others new to Kyiv like yourself. Our interest group leaders will be available to provide information about all the interest groups we’re running this year.


Our General Meetings are open for anyone who is interested in joining IWCK. This means that any non-member can join one General Meeting for free. You can continue visiting General Meeting without purchasing a membership for a fee of 200 UAH per GM.


IWCK regularly organizes tours and special activities for its members. Together we will discover Ukraine and surrounding areas and reveal their secrets.

Become a member and join our closed Facebook group to learn more about all our tours and upoming events. During this COVID period we organize most activities outside and of course we follow all precautionary measures.

Courses / Workshops

In parallel with the regular interest groups, IWCK periodically organizes special courses and workshops open to all its members. The topics can be very varied and we are open to all your suggestions. In the 2020/2021 season, we take on illustration&drawing, pysanka, oil painting, sewing&upcycling and much more!

Social Events


Social events are an important part of IWCK life. Because IWCK is primarily a community, we are trying to create many opportunities for our members to meet and share. We do this online and offline whenever possible. We meet on terraces for drinks and food, we go on boattours and much more. Contact for more information.

Charity Events

Our charitable work is a core part of IWCK. From our huge annual Bazaar to small-group master classes, IWCK uses every opportunity to raise money for charity. Our main event is our annual Charity Bazaar, which brings together embassies and many local volunteers to create an amazing spectacle on the first weekend of December. All collected funds are invested in projects financed by IWCK to help vulnerable groups all over Ukraine. Additionally, individuals and groups of IWCK-members often organize mini-fundraising events to collect funds for specific projects. In 2020 we will not be able to organize our usual Bazaar because of COVID, but we are working on an alternative so we can keep raising funds for those in need!

Interest Groups

IWCK has many interest groups, ranging from art gallery visits,  language groups, cooking groups to a group where those with their own business share tips and tricks. This diversity reflects the many talents and areas of interest of our members. As a member, you can join as many groups as you like and you can also share your talents by setting up your own group. Contact the IWCK Head of Interest Groups for all your questions.

Most Interest Groups are free of charge. However, some groups ask participants for a contribution to cover the rental of spaces, (art) materials, or entrance fees. Those leading an Interest Group are volunteers and are not compensated for their time or efforts.