General Meetings

IWCK has a General Meeting for all members once a month where we improve our knowledge and understanding of Ukraine and its culture, discuss our charitable work with organizations in need within Kyiv, and get to know each other in a social context. General Meetings are opened for anyone who is interested in joining IWCK.

Any non-member can join one General Meeting for free. You can continue visiting General Meeting without purchasing a membership for a fee of 200 UAH per GM.


IWCK regularly organises tours and special activities for its members. Together we are trying to discover Kyiv and reveal its secrets. Besides the main highlights, we are constantly trying to unveil different hidden sights that we can share with our members. To follow which tours are upcoming follow our Facebook page, website or the weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter that will make their way directly to your inbox.

Courses / Workshops

In parallel with the regular interest groups, IWCK periodically organises special courses and workshops open to all its members. The topics can be very varied and we are open to all your suggestions. In the 2018/2019 season, we would like to involve more our members and benefit from the hidden talents of all of us. Stay tuned not to miss them and feel free to suggest any activity that you would like to organize or attend!

Social Events

Social events are an important part of IWCK life. Because IWCK is primarily a community, we are trying to create many opportunities for our members to meet and share. Together we have parties, make boat tours, learn to dance, try exotic cuisines, etc. The classic events are the beginning and end of season parties. Be sure not to miss them!

Charity Events

Charitable work is a core part of IWCK. From huge annual Bazaar to small group master classes, IWCK uses every opportunity to raise money for charity. Our main event is the annual Charity Bazaar which brings together embassies and many local volunteers to create an amazing spectacle on the first weekend of December. All collected funds are invested in projects financed by IWCK with the aim to help vulnerable groups. Besides, individual and groups of IWCK members often organize mini-fundraising events in aid of specific projects.

Interest Groups

IWCK has a variety of interest groups ranging from art gallery visits to cooking groups. This diversity reflects the many talents and areas of interest of our membership. We encourage you to join already-formed groups and consider sharing your talents by starting a group specifically for one of your interests. In this case, please contact the IWCK Head of Interest Groups at

Our Interest Groups are a major component of IWCK and are reserved for members only.  Most Interest Groups are free of charge. However, some groups ask participants for a contribution to cover rental of spaces, materials, or entrance fees. Those leading an Interest Group are volunteers and are not compensated for their time or efforts.

Kiev Accueil

Kiev Accueil is the French community of IWCK which goal is to help French-speaking families in their settlement and adaptation in Kyiv.

Pysanka for Beginners Class

Join this creative workshop to explore the Ukrainian culture and try decorating the Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

Monday Morning Coffee

It is a great way to meet others and share information about life, events and get aquatinted with some cool places around beautiful Kyiv.

Ceramic Class

In this activity, you will be shown how to create handmade ceramics. You will learn hand building techniques using a wide variety of colours.

Ski Club

In Kyiv we do have a season of snow and we enjoy it! Cross country skiing, downhill skiing, playing ice hockey with kids or ice skating.

Girls Night Out

Ladies are welcome to meet and discover different places in Kyiv like restaurants and wine bars, create different topics for discussion.

Baby & Toddler Group

The group is all about gathering parents and children to have some fun together.

Art Visits Group

If you like to visit galleries, artistic places and get to know more about art in Ukraine please join the group.

International Cooking Group

The idea is to create a menu from your home country, cooking together, distributing the recipes and for sure enjoy the delicious meals.

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Kiev City Guide


Another initiative of IWCK is the creation of the IWCK’s Guide to living in Kyiv which gathers all the most important information and adresses in Kyiv.

We are currently updating the IWCK Guide to Kyiv. Watch this space!