Dear IWCK supporters,

Instead of the Bazaar, which used to be our traditional unique big event, we are organizing several smaller events each of them dedicated to one or two NGOs.

On the 14th of November: a Charity walk
You can find more details and register:

First two weeks of December: an online Art Auction
From mid- December till mid-January: a Food basket auction
For Women’s Day in March: a Women’s brunch
On the 10th of April: an open-air International Food festival

Besides these big events, we are going to have smaller events with partners (Embassies, Chamber of Commerce, galleries, companies,…).

On the 8th of October the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine has organized for us a Concert with Marina Krut. All the benefits, 30.000 UAH, will be given to the NGO Divchata, training young ladies to take care of their body.
See below for more details.

Mid-October Mrs Rieko Kurai, the wife of the Japanese Ambassador, has given us wonderful boxes and bags, she embroidered herself. An auction is taking place on our FB page. All the benefits will go to the NGO Let’s help,
helping elderly people.

On the 19th of November, during the Beaujolais Nouveau Event, organized by the French Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, all the benefits of the raffle tickets will go to a partner NGO for children.

Those are some ideas. There are many other ones. If you want to organize a fundraising event for us and with us, please contact the fundraising team at:

You can register for each event through our Event page:

We have a donate button on our website! You can use it here to donate directly to us online.

Let’s make this happen together — thank you so much for your support!

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