Giving something back to the local community has been a part of IWCK life since its foundation in 1992. We seek to help NGOs which work with women, sick children, the disabled and the elderly.

Thanks to the traditional IWCK Charity Bazaar and our other fundraising initiatives we are able to help Ukrainian citizens in need, through NGOs which support them. Our members broaden their knowledge and horizons by participating in the food delivery program or visiting orphanages.

Each year IWCK organizes a Grant Competition when dedicated IWCK members form a Grant Review Committee and spend many hours assessing applications so that the very best projects can be selected and supported. In 2018 IWCK already approved financing of 25 projects.

Throughout the year IWCK also awards Special Initiative Grants, again to help women, sick children, the disabled and the elderly.

You are very welcome to join our charity activities by becoming a member of the Charity Committee, volunteering at our events or even creating your own initiative to support IWCK.

Grant application materials can be downloaded following the link, or can be requested by writing to



Projects We Support
Epidermolis Bullosa is a very rare condition but children who have it suffer terribly. Thanks to the effort of a group of parents there is now a Centre specializing in the treatment of this debilitating skin condition and this year IWCK has funded the purchase of medical equipment for the Centre.
  • Project name: Medical and Office Equipment for EB cabinet at OKHMATDYT, Kyiv.
  • Purpose of grant: Purchasing of medical equipment, office equipment and other equipment for medical purposes for EB Cabinet at Okhmadyt, to support children suffering from rare genetic skinn and tissue disorder called Epidermolis Bullosa.
  • Amount of IWCK grant:  247 038,90 UAH
  • Project name: Outside development activities for children with special needs in the sanatorium for children "Borsuchok"
  • Purpose of grant: Renovation of a canteen roof in the sanatorium for children "Borsuchok".
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 200 000 UAH
  • Project name: Equipment Help to the Department of Physical Rehabilitation at OKHMATDYT.
  • Purpose of grant: Purchasing of medical equipment Omron С28, Soleo Galva, Soleo Sono, “Radius-01 Inter SM”, “Lika-therapist”, DIMAP D2000 for the Division of Physical Rehabilitation in Children’s Specialized Hospital «Okhmatdyt».
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 212 000 UAH
  • Project 1 name: Summer camp for Roma Children
  • Purpose of grant: Renting a summer house and purchasing food for 25 roma children.
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 36 000 UAH
  • Project 2 name: Assistance to the Elderly (Christmas Celebration and Summer Vacation)
  • Purpose of grant: Organizing Christmas celebration and purchasing of presents for 240 people, renting a summer house for 40 people, purchasing food and hygienic products, organizing transportation.
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 95 000 UAH
  • Project 3 name: Christmas and New Year dinner with the poor (homeless, elderly, and orphans)
  • Purpose of grant: Organizing Christmas Dinner and purchasing Christmas presents for 400 poor people.
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 80 000 UAH
  • Project name: Improving the quality of cultural and leisure activities of children in the town Schastye to restore their psycological and emotional state in the ahermath of the ATO.
  • Purpose of grant: Repairing of the dancing hall (floor, ceiling, electrical works) and purchasing of new costumes.
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 300 000 UAH
National Technical University of Ukraine KPI
National Technical University of Ukraine KPI
Twice a week employees of the Polytechnical Institute welcome retired folk and others on low incomes into a little canteen where the friendly conversation is as important as the hot, nutritious food paid for by IWCK.
  • Project name: Charity canteen for pensioners in the Centre of students catering “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
  • Purpose of grant: Paying for food for retired folk and others on low incomes
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 182 250 UAH
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The International Women’s Club of Kyiv’s grant program supports women, children, the elderly, and the disabled.

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If you have any questions contact Lucia Sontseva, the Head of the Charity Committee at