Giving something back to the local community has been an important part of IWCK life since its foundation in 1992. We seek to help NGOs work with women, sick children, people with disabilities, and the elderly. Our members also volunteer in many of the projects. Through this work, our members broaden their knowledge and horizon. These projects include for instance our monthly food delivery project and language groups. 

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Projects We Support
  • Project name: Psychological and pedagogical correction and labor rehabilitation of children with autism from early age till 30 years old.
  • Purpose of grant: Purchasing of 2 color printers, a vacuum cleaner, educational games, sports equipment, a stove for the workshop, furniture, carpeting, a potter’s wheel and clay.
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 131 500 UAH
NGO “Impulse for Changes”
NGO “Impulse for Changes”
  • Project 1 name: Help to National Hospital for Children “OKHMATDYT”.
  • Purpose of grant: Purchasing a camera Full HD, a monitor, a laparoscopic insufflator.
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 271 211, 40 UAH
  • Project 2 name: Help to Home for Elderly People in village Gruzke, Makarov district, Kiev region.
  • Purpose of grant: Purchasing of furniture for kitchen, dish-washing machine, 2 entrance doors.
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 53 992 UAH
Sunshine International Charity Fund
Sunshine International Charity Fund
  • Project name: Sunshine Summer Camp for Children at Risk in Brovary Region.
  • Purpose of grant: Providing food, gas, fuel, diesel, stationary, craft materials, clothes (T-shirts) for 2 weeks for 200 kids and 50 volunteers.
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 150 000 UAH
Violence is one of the saddest facts of life. IWCK is helping ROZRADA to renovate an Art Therapy Centre in Kotsubinski where women and children who are victims of violence will get professional psychological help so that they can rebuild their lives and move on.
  • Project name: Continuing developing of the safe conditions for providing the professional psychological help to women and children victims of violence.
  • Purpose of grant: Renovation works and materials (Cocubinskoe), purchasing of art-therapy group utensils, office supplies/equipment for project, medical supplies/equipment, advertising-promotional materials.
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 159 480 UAH
NGO “In Child’s Palms”
NGO “In Child’s Palms”
  • Project Name: Favorable inclusive pace - step towards special children's development
  • Purpose of grant: Purchase of tulles, curtains and window accessories for the inclusive space creation.
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 26 477 UAH
International Charitable Organization “MESSENGER OF PEACE”
International Charitable Organization “MESSENGER OF PEACE”
  • Project name: Support of Social Adaptation of Children with Special Needs.
  • Purpose of grant: Paying for organising a carpenter's workshop for 65 children with mental disorder at the Mostyschinska School, Makarov region, Kyiv oblast.
  • Amount of IWCK grant: 96 727, 04 UAH
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The International Women’s Club of Kyiv’s grant program supports women, children, the elderly, and the disabled.

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