Workshop on how to manage yourself well in uncertain time?

The workshop is for you if you often ask yourself one of the following questions:

• How to increase the manifestation of such a life as you want?

• Do you sometimes feel a lack of energy due to the fast pace of life?

• Do you want to how to easily restore your magnetic energy and use it efficiently?

• Which tool can you use in order to discover opportunities more quickly for personal and business growth and break free from the captivity of doubt?

• How to find balance where your personal strength is shown to the fullest and equip yourself with concrete innovative insights that are beyond of your fear?

• How to create such good contact with yourself, which brings you long-term positive effects and the awareness that the flow of your life depends on yourself?

• When is the proper time to become the best version of yourself and have more sparkle in your eyes?

By: Darja Zorko Mencin


Fees – Free for members, 500 UAH for non-members on

Date • 12/01/2021
Time • 10:00 - 11:30
Place • Kyiv

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